What is Thebesta?

What event can I organize?

How to inform people about event?

What should invited people do to confirm their participation to event?

Do I have to be 19+ to use thebesta?

So, what should I do to start using thebesta?

What will happen when I click on Register button?

What when I log in?

How to insert information about portal?

How to insert information about event?

Is there a map for people to know where to come?

Can I link my gallery to my portal?

How can I change my password on thebesta?

Can I edit my personal info?

Can I delete my thebesta account?

Can I advertise my business on thebesta?

How to change portal style?

Can I edit or delete participants or messages on the front page?

How can I insert or delete portal images and documents?

When I submit my message it does not appear. Why?

How to remove google ad from my portal page?

Thebesta is helping people to organize events like weddings, birthday parties, celebrations, meetings, sport events, games, music events, concerts, and all events where people should be invited to participate. It is free and open to all generations to use it and make their own invitation pages. We are still developing Thebesta to serve the other areas like personal promotion, advertising, broadcasting, etc. Stay with us to be informed about all future functions of Thebesta.